Teen Girl Gives HORRIFYING Testimony – Claims 9 Year-Old was Raped to DEATH [VIDEO]

ISIS may have been dealt some harsh blows over the past few weeks, but they’re still just as horrible and murderous as ever. One teenage girl testified before the British parliament about their atrocities, including a horrible account of child rape.

From Joe for America:

British Conservative MP Fiona Bruce shared testimony from a 16-year-old Yazidi girl who revealed that ISIS fighters raped every last girl older than age 8 in her community.

So many ISIS men repeatedly raped one 9-year-old child that she died from her injuries.

… The same girl also stated that she witnessed her own father and brother killed in front of her when ISIS attacked her community.

The girl’s testimony to Parliament resulted in an unanimous vote to declare ISIS’ treatment of Christians and Yazidis a genocide.

At least they’re willing to call it what it is.

Obama can’t even be honest and call them purveyors of Islamic terrorism.

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