Teacher Drops Truth Bomb About Muhammad, Liberals Want Her Head!

One teacher is now facing criminal charges for doing what she believed was her job and telling the truth about the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

From Mad World News:

What she said about his behavior is causing school authorities to sweat, and a shocking cover-up is going on, all to appease the Muslim migrant population.

The middle school teacher from Bregenz, Austria told the truth about Muhammad, stating that he sexually molested his nine-year old wife. This fact, which Muslims cannot deny, now has the teacher under criminal investigation for daring to say it out loud.

For now, the name of the teacher has not been reported since the prosecutor hasn’t made their decision about the teacher’s case.

However, the local paper is describing the prosecutor as “very determined” to make these charges stick.

A Bregenzer teacher is said to have described the founder of Islam as a child molester in front of her students. “Yes, there is this allegation against a teacher,” the provincial educational counsellor Bernadette Mennel confirms the corresponding complaint. The education department had immediately forwarded the case to the prosecutor. [via Vlad Tepes]

So, now the truth is criminal? It doesn’t matter to the left what the truth is. What matters is what they want and to them, what they want is right. Sounds foolish and a way to cause suffering for all.