Muslim Brutally Rapes 8 Yr-Old Girl – SIX Years Later, She Issues FATAL Payback!


A child was seriously deprived of justice after courts refused to punish a 50 year-old man for sexually abusing her. So she took matters into her own hands.

From Mad World News:

A 50-year-old Muslim man evaded jail time with only community service after sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. Just after his release, he managed to move into the child’s neighborhood, terrifying the mother and daughter with his presence. However, 6 years later, the girl somehow grew the courage and rage to deliver a gruesome present to the perverted man who had ruined her life.

In 2009, a little girl gave the Bradford Crown Court a testimony of how Zabhullah Boota, 50, had abused her, luring the child to his doorstep and inflicting sickening sexual abuse. The child molester, who Sharia Unveiled reports is Muslim, was found guilty of sexual assault and inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity in 2010, but in a disturbing case of injustice, Boota was only sentenced to community service.

As if the child’s horrific molestation wasn’t terrifying enough, the pedophile was allowed to move near his victim, due to what the court is calling a “breakdown in communication” between a judge and a housing association, according to the Yorkshire Post.

This forced the girl and her mother to encounter Boota’s harassment and bullying on a regular basis, causing the victim to relive her nightmare over and over.

After years of anxiety, disgust, and the offense of seeing her attacker walk free, the then 14-year-old victim decided to take justice into her own hands, serving up a cold dish of brutal, yet well-deserved, vengeance. The Telegraph & Argus reports that the child confronted her molester, telling him, “I’m going to kill you,” before plunging a large kitchen knife into his heart.

The child victim then turned herself in at Trafalfar House Police station, confessing that she’d “killed someone.” She was immediately charged with attempted murder, since Boota was unfortunately saved by hasty paramedics and surgeons, who gave him a blood transfusion and repaired his right ventricle.

What happened to this girl is heartbreaking and her anger and fear is certainly understandable. But trying to kill someone without it being in self-defense isn’t something that can be condoned, sadly. Maybe next time though, the justice system won’t let sex offenders walk free.

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