HEARTBREAKING! Twelve Year-Old Boy Takes His Own Life For This Very Sad Reason…


It seems bullying is never adequately addressed until it’s too late. The heartbreaking reality is suicide often seems like the only answer when a child is being relentlessly harassed and abused. There is nothing worse than feeling alone, surrounded by a crowd of people who hate you for no reason.

From The Daily Mail:

A 12-year-old boy’s suicide has rocked his community outside Pittsburgh after family members said he was the victim of ongoing bullying at school.

Evan W. Ziemniak, of Oakdale, Pennsylvania, died on March 23, with the Allegheny County coroner’s office ruling it a suicide.

His grandmother Debbie Long told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Evan had been shoved and stabbed with pencils on the school bus, while the sixth grader’s parents reportedly raised the issue with the West Allegheny Middle School several times.

Evan’s other grandmother Diana Ziemniak said the 12-year-old committed suicide to ‘stop the pain’, while an uncle said the boy had a positive home life, ruling out divorce, abuse, or ‘family upsets’.

‘This isn’t a kid from a broken home. This isn’t a kid who is on the streets at night.

How does it come to this?,’ Bill Costantini Jr. told the Post Gazette.

Evan enjoyed playing Minecraft, learning about the Civil War, and collecting old coins. He is survived by a younger sister and his parents, Matt and Dana Ziemniak.

His father vowed to combat bullying in a statement shared with the Post Gazette where he said: ‘I will tell you that this story will eventually become bigger than just West Allegheny School District.

‘The implications are more far-reaching and the issues that need to be discussed and addressed are not unique to our school district.

‘Dana and I are prepared to do what is necessary to make sure other parents do not have to face the worst tragedy a parent could ever face.’

In a Facebook tribute post that has been shared more than 800 times, many parents in the school district offered words of condolences and shared stories of their own kids being bullied.

Vicki Delien wrote: ‘The voices of our children here at West A need to be heard and NOT swept under the carpet.

‘This is truly heartbreaking. I’ve seen the bullying that goes on at the middle school and at the elementary school too.

‘My one child has been to guidance countless times. I can’t even imagine the pain that the parents are going through. My heart goes out to them.’

Parents, please remind your children that words do have a tremendous impact on others. There’s no excuse to bully someone.