Bus Driver Pulls Over When He Sees A Sobbing Woman On The Roadside – SHOCKED When She Speaks…

A bus driver in Ottawa, Canada was driving the graveyard shift on his regular suburban route, when he saw a woman, sobbing alongside the road. She wasn’t at a bus stop, but he felt compelled to stop and help her. It was a good thing he did. She had just been horribly physically abused by her husband. The driver put the bus in park and sat across from the woman to give her his full and undivided attention. He comforted her and assured her it would all be okay. Other passengers said it sounded as if Dan Stoddard, the driver, had done this many times. He hadn’t, but he did know how to reach someone in need of human contact and sympathy. He calmed her until the police came. Stoddard didn’t want recognition for what he did, but of course it got out and they now call him a hero.

From Mad World News:

While a bus driver was working the graveyard shift on his regular suburban route, a woman sitting roadside on a public bench caught his eye. Wondering what she was doing out there well after midnight, he pulled up alongside her and saw her sobbing, before finding out her single need that left everyone on board flabbergasted.

Being a public transportation employee, Dan Stoddard has seen his share of odd occurrences throughout Ottawa, Canada. However, he hasn’t slept in two days, after what he encountered this week, which not only left a lasting impact on his life, but the random passengers aboard his bus that night after 1 a.m.

Hoping to make it through all of his after midnight stops that night, Stoddard got a sense that his plans to finish up on time were about to be derailed when he saw a distraught woman on the street.

With disregard for any second thought he may have had, the bus driver stopped for this woman when he saw her. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t at a regular stop, he simply felt led to help her and was horrified when he quickly realized his sense of her distress wasn’t unfounded.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Stoddard could tell that the stranger was “visibly upset” when he invited her on his bus and told her to take a seat. Having put the public ride in park, he gave all attention to this single passenger, as the others watched in astonishment. Everyone aboard heard her explain the sickening story of her night, involving verbal and physical abuse endured through domestic violence. However, it’s what the driver did next, that took the passengers by complete surprise.

Compassion is something sorely lacking in today’s society. But this bus driver had it and didn’t hesitate to show it. It’s the sign of a good man with character. It’s not just conducting an impulsive act of kindness, it’s being human and caring about others. Most bus drivers would have simply driven by the woman, especially at that hour. Who knows what would have happened to her. Hopefully, she got the help she needed and the beast who hurt her is put away for a long, long time. No one on that bus complained… they all recognized that someone was hurt and in need. In my book, Stoddard is a hero… he may have only done what all of us should do, but in an age of apathy, his actions are nothing less than heroic in this instance.